Were You Or Your Loved One Sexually Assaulted?

Few things are scarier and more disorienting than sexual assault. Victims of sexual assault are often so traumatized that they have difficulty even admitting what happened to them, let alone determining what legal steps they should take.

At Schlachman, Belsky & Weiner, P.A., we know that this is a sensitive and deeply personal issue. If you are at a point where you are ready to explore your legal options, our attorneys will listen to your story and present several scenarios.

Regardless of when the assault happened — even if you were still a child — you may still have a course of action. Throughout the process, we will maintain absolute confidentiality and will only move forward with what you are comfortable with. We have helped many clients throughout Maryland gain closure from sexual assault, and we are ready to do the same for you.

Sexual Assault Comes In Many Forms

The unfortunate reality is that anyone can encounter sexual assault, whether an adult or a child. We work closely with House of Ruth and other organizations that provide services to sexual assault victims.

Cases that our lawyers have handled include:

  • Workplace assault
  • Ongoing sexual abuse from clergy or other religious figures
  • Child molestation from a close family member
  • Assault or rape by a stranger while in a public place, such as a parking lot or alley
  • Sexual predation in a school or another caregiving environment

Beyond criminal consequences for the perpetrator, there may be additional liability, depending on the exact circumstances. For instance, a school could be held liable for failing to screen their employees adequately or a church could be liable for covering up for a known sexual offender.

We Are Sensitive To Your Needs

Many people are hesitant to come forward with their sexual assault experience, and with good reason. Reliving these painful memories comes with a cost. Despite modest advances in the public conversation around sexual assault, many victims feel as though they themselves are on trial during the proceedings, not the perpetrator.

We are committed to not pressuring our clients into disclosing their personal history or taking legal action that they don't want. Your experiences and your story belong to you, and you get to decide what to do with them.

Our only goal is to help you understand your options and to act on whatever decision you make. You can email our legal team or contact our Baltimore office: 877-736-1845.