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Bicycle-car accidents usually end in tragedy and that was the case for a Baltimore, Maryland, family last year that claimed the life of their 20-year-old son. Now, his family is pushing for tougher legislation for driving skills requirements during the Maryland General Assembly this session. The family is hoping that these changes could prevent future accidents.

The driving skills requirements would include a field vision test, recall and reaction testing, cognitive tests, visual and physical tests. All of these areas would go beyond the current vision screening for Maryland drivers. The family feels that these types of tests would be a strong predictor of a dangerous driver and someone who may need more drivers' education classes.

Currently, the state does offer these types of tests but are usually only done when a medical professional requests it or if a person voluntarily takes the test. The new legislation would make this a requirement for everyone.

The family is also pushing for other legislation and that includes increasing the consequences for failing to remain at the scene of an accident that result in injuries or death. Currently, this is a misdemeanor offence, but the offender gets no points on their license. The family is pushing for an eight point infraction so that people take the law seriously.

A third provision the family would like modified is the Maryland health surrogacy law to allow family members to make decisions regarding organ donation even if their family member is not on a ventilator. When the family found out that their son was in a permanent vegetative state, they wanted to donate his healthy organs, but were denied by the hospital.

Car-bicycle accidents like this case happen every day and can have life altering consequences for those involved. The physical, emotional and financial strain on the individual or family can be overwhelming. A personal injury attorney can help you figure out your options and provide you with an approach that fits your situation and benefits you the most.

As part of the settlement in this family's case, the 83-year-old driver agreed to permanently give up her driver's license.

Source: Baltimore Brew, "Krasnopoler family pushes for competency tests for Maryland drivers," Fern Shen, Feb. 1, 2012

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