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Car Accidents 9/16/2015

Automatic Braking Systems To Be Installed In New Cars

The advances in technology have been amazing to watch over the past few years. New cars, for instance, come equipped with features that would have been unimaginable just five years ago for many Baltimore residents. These new features continue to be added with each new model, which enhances a vehicle’s convenience, luxury and safety.

Automakers recently took another step toward increasing these features by making a commitment to include automatic emergency braking in all new cars. Transportation officials believe the step, which was taken by 10 car manufacturers, could have a big impact on reducing injuries and fatalities suffered in a car accident.

The technology works through the use of sensors on the car, including radar, cameras or lasers that may be used to detect potential accidents. The system can provide a warning to the driver to brake, and engage the brakes if the driver fails to act.

Ultimately, the safety features like automatic brake systems can be a welcome addition to new cars if they can help prevent tragic accidents. No matter how much new technology is put in a car, however, there is still a responsibility on the part of the driver to know, and to follow, the rules of the road.

Accidents can occur due to any number of reasons, including a failure to brake, a failure to yield to oncoming traffic, speeding and engaging in other violations of the rules of the road. Indeed, while technology like the braking systems described above can potentially reduce accidents, other technologies like smart phones and entertainment systems installed in new vehicles can increase the risks of accidents due to distracted driving.

When accidents occur, those injured in the crash can hold the other motorist liable for the accident if it was caused by that motorist’s negligence. Thus, technology may help increase safety, but drivers still hold duties when they are on the road that must be followed.

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