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Medical Malpractice 1/14/2015

Build A Strong Case For Causation In A Medical Malpractice Action

When Baltimore residents have serious health conditions that require the care of medical professionals, it can be a scary and intimidating experience. Surgery, for example, can bring about anxiety because of the thoughts of all that could go wrong during the procedure. Even for less stressful events or basic care, there are often many things that could go wrong if the doctor or nurse does not property perform his or her job.

While these fears may come to pass, unfortunately there are also real incidents that occur where the things that could go wrong, do go wrong. For example, surgical errors are very real, as some patients come out of surgery to find that the doctor made a mistake during the procedure which may cause further injury. Birth injuries are another occurrence, such as when the child does not receive enough oxygen during the delivery, which leads to cerebral palsy or other conditions.

Patients have recourse when these events occur, through the form of a medical malpractice action. To succeed in these cases, patients must show that the doctor or other medical professional’s mistake was a violation of the standard of care, and that violation caused the patient injury.

In certain cases, this may seem easy, such as in a surgery procedure where the doctor operated on the wrong body part. Most cases may not be this clear cut, however, such as a case involving a medication error where the patient must demonstrate that improper medication or an improper dosage was prescribed, and that error caused the patient’s injury. Similarly, in a case involving a misdiagnosis, patients must show that the doctor violated the duty of care by not properly diagnosing the patient’s condition, and that the misdiagnosis caused the patient injury.

Our firm has experience in building strong cases to show the medical professionals’ negligence, even when that task may not be clear cut and easy. We often work with other doctors or other professionals to help evaluate a particular case, and to discuss how the physician’s actions were in error and how they caused the patient injury.

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