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Car Accidents 3/12/2015

Chain Reaction Crash Sends Six People To Area Hospitals

More is not always merrier, at least when it comes to the number of people involved in a tragic situation. In a car accident, for example, the more cars and individuals involved in the accident the worse the situation can be for those involved.

This was certainly the case recently after a serious accident occurred in Baltimore County. Law enforcement officials believe the accident was started when a speeding vehicle crashed into another car. While this would have been bad enough in itself, the accident caused a chain reaction that led to a total of eight vehicles being involved, with a couple of the vehicles landing on their sides. Six people in total had to be taken to hospitals in order to receive treatment for their injuries.

When a personal injury lawsuit is brought based upon injuries suffered in a crash involving multiple vehicles, the facts of the case can be more complex. More individuals involved may mean getting testimony from more witnesses, for example, as each person may have had a different experience of the accident. Each injured person also may have a legal claim they are asserting, whether in one lawsuit or in multiple cases.

While the larger number of individuals involved can make the factual issues more complicated, the legal issue of liability remains mostly the same. In order to obtain compensation, an individual must show that the other driver was negligent by violating the duty of care that driver had while on the road. The violation of the duty of care may be the same, whether it caused injury to one other person or multiple individuals. Accordingly, while the case may take some more time and effort to put together, the ultimate goal of obtaining compensation for the injured person can still be reached in a similar manner to an accident involving only two vehicles.

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