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Car Accidents 3/08/2013

Maryland Car Accident Leaves Multiple Victims With Injuries

As discussed previously in this blog, it can sometimes be difficult to determine who is at fault when injuries occur. This can be particularly true when dealing with car accident injuries, where the circumstances leading to the auto accident may not always be clear from the outset.

On the other hand, Maryland residents involved in certain car crashes may almost always be at fault under certain circumstances. For example, rear end collisions are nearly always the fault of the driver who hit the other vehicle from behind, as a basic rule of the road is to leave enough space between other vehicles on the road.

Another circumstance where liability is often clear is when a driver gets in an accident while making a left hand turn. In these situations, the vehicle going straight in the intersection almost always has the right of way.

There are, however, some situations where the driver making the turn might not be liable, such as if the driver going straight runs a red light, or if some unforeseen circumstances occur. In these situations, some fault might be apportioned to the other driver when determining who is to blame.

Recently, an accident involving a rear end crash and a left hand turn occurred in Maryland, leaving some of the drivers involved with serious injuries. The crash happened when a minivan was stopped while attempting to make a left turn. Another vehicle hit the minivan, and the minivan then spun onto oncoming traffic and was involved in another collision.

Individuals involved in accidents like the above should work with a qualified personal injury attorney. This is true even where fault is relatively clear from the outset, as personal injury claims still need to be properly maintained and negotiated.

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