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Truck Accidents 9/30/2015

Additional Risks Associated With Truck Accidents

Considering the amount of cars and drivers on the road in the United States each day, it is not surprising to see or hear a news report about a car accident and its affect on traffic. Due to numerous safety precautions and car technologies geared to minimize the dangers of a car accident, thankfully most accidents are minor and do not lead to significant injuries. The same cannot be said for truck accidents however.

Due to their incredibly large size in relation to a car, victims of a truck accident often suffer from catastrophic or fatal injuries. There are many reasons why trucks are a cause for concern to car drivers on the road.

With their extreme weight, especially while transporting cargo, trucks require much more time to slow and stop, and are not able to maneuver as quickly as cars to avoid hazards on the road. Even with multiple mirrors, truck drivers still have significant blind spots on their vehicles, which often play a factor in a truck accident. Add to it a truck’s vulnerability to weather hazards such as rain or ice causing slippery conditions, or crosswinds affecting a truck’s ability to stay in its proper lane, and it’s not difficult to see why a truck driver offers distinct disadvantages while on the road with other vehicles.

Considering the severity often involved with a truck accident, if you are involved in an accident, it is crucial that you get all the facts and make a determination whether neglect played a role in the accident. Even if fault does not entirely lie with one side, a truck accident victim may be entitled to compensation for injuries, medical expenses, pain and suffering and even lost wages.

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