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Car Accidents 9/02/2015

Anyone Can Be A Negligent Driver In A Car Crash

There are many statistics and studies about the safety of different groups of Baltimore drivers. Certain groups of drivers may be more likely to be at fault in a car crash, while other groups may be more likely to be more likely to suffer injuries in an accident

Recently, for example, this blog discussed the statistics of older drivers in car accidents. Older drivers can be at fault in car crashes because of declining driving abilities, and they can suffer increased risks of injury compared to other drivers. Other studies focus on younger drivers and the risks involved with texting and driving or other forms of distracted driving that are often associated with this group of drivers.

While these statistics may be alarming and they may be cause for drivers to take notice of these risks, they also do not tell the whole story. Different groups of drivers may have different risk factors, but every group is occupying the road at once. The bottom line is that anyone can be a negligent driver, no matter what age, gender or other group they may belong to.

Accordingly, for those injured in an accident by another driver, they should understand that anyone can be held liable for the crash. Liability in an accident does not depend on any one factor, as it examines whether the other driver failed to follow the duty of care that driver was required to follow.

Our firm has handled numerous cases involving all different types of accidents. Through our experience and zealous representation of our clients, we can investigate the facts of each case, and put on the best case to prove the other driver’s liability in the crash. For more information on our firm’s services, please visit our auto accident webpage.

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