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Car Accidents 2/05/2014

Car Accident Claims A Life On Maryland Interstate

When tragic accidents happen, individuals often want answers immediately as to what caused the incident and how it can be prevented from happening again in the future. While this desire is natural for Baltimore residents, oftentimes in reality these answers do not come immediately, but only after some time and effort.

For instance, Maryland State Police are currently conducting an accident investigation after a fatal car accident occurred on Interstate-270. The accident occurred after a vehicle suddenly swerved off the road, only to come back onto the road to be struck by a truck in another lane. After the vehicle hit an embankment, it turned over and killed the driver, while the other driver was sent to the hospital.

The accident left officials perplexed as to what caused the vehicle to swerve off the road. While the area is a high-volume area of traffic that has been known to be prone to accidents, police were conducting an investigation to determine what caused the accident, as well as what caused the person's death.

When individuals are injured in accidents like this, police investigations can be helpful in determining what caused the accident. A police report will often detail the circumstances of the crash, as well as reports from witnesses around the scene. While a report itself might not be admissible in a trial based on the injury, the report can be a valuable source of information for the injured individual to use in the case to gain a tactical advantage.

Other experts can also aid in the case, such as accident reconstruction experts who can help recreate what caused the crash, or experts who can describe how certain injuries are suffered in crashes. Together, this information can be used not only to answer the questions of how the crash occurred, but to obtain a recovery of damages against the negligent driver

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