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Child Victims Act

by | May 15, 2023 | Child Injury

What Is Maryland’s Child Victims Act?

The Maryland State Senate recently passed the Child Victims Act, but many people did not realize the significance of the law. If approved and signed into law, the Act would eliminate the statute of limitations in child sex abuse cases, meaning that a person who suffered sexual abuse as a child could come forward at any time without fear that their case would be dismissed.

At Schlachman, Belsky, Weiner & Davey, P.A., we provide experienced, compassionate representation for child abuse victims and their families. We know how difficult it can be to come forward with allegations of sexual abuse that occurred as a child. In many cases, the perpetrator is someone that you know and trust. We can help to ensure that any parties that should be held responsible are and that you receive the compensation you deserve.

If you were the victim of a sex crime as a child, you might be entitled to compensation. Contact our office today at (410) 685-2022 to schedule a free consultation.  

What Is Maryland’s Child Victims Act?

The Child Victims Act is a state bill that was recently passed in the Senate. The bill (SB0686) will eliminate the statute of limitations in cases of child sex abuse. This means that a person who was sexually abused as a child can come forward when they are comfortable discussing the incident. Normally, a child sex abuse victim would be barred from financial recovery if a suit was brought beyond the statutory time period. 

How Will It Help Victims of Child Sex Abuse?

It will help victims of child sex abuse in several ways. Foremost, it will give them the time they need to come forward. Children often repress or fail to report allegations of sexual abuse for fear of ridicule or retaliation. Eliminating the statute of limitations ensures that a child can discuss the alleged abuse at any time. 

Additionally, the bill expands the definition of sexual abuse to ensure that all survivors have the opportunity to be heard. Finally, it will remove a statute of repose that acts as a bar from recovery if a lawsuit is filed beyond the lookback period. 

Is It Likely to Be Signed Into Law?

It is believed that Maryland’s Child Victims Act will pass the House of Delegates. Previous versions of the bill were passed with bipartisan support. The current bill seems poised to be approved by the Governor and signed into law. 

Were You the Victim of Childhood Sex Abuse? 

Were you the victim of childhood sexual abuse? Contact our office today at (410) 685-2022 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. All consultations are confidential. 

At Schlachman, Belsky, Weiner & Davey, P.A., we handle cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning there are no fees unless we win. It is important to know that the laws regarding child sex abuse are in flux and may change over the course of the next few years. Call our office today to discuss your rights and your legal options directly with an attorney. What you experienced matters. You deserve your day in court and to be heard.

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