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Child Injury 12/06/2013

Girls Said To Be More Prone To Concussions Than Boys

There are not many things that bring greater joy to Baltimore parents than watching their son or daughter play sports. Yet, these sports have seemingly become more dangerous over the past several years, leading to incidents where children are injured.

One of the most common sporting injuries to occur, both at the professional level and down to the level where children play, are concussions. Perhaps surprisingly, some have reported that concussions seem to occur more in girls than boys, despite the fact that these incidents of brain injury may not receive the same attention for girls. Indeed, research showed that girls were twice as likely to have a concussion than boys.

The reason for the gender disparity was not known, however. Experts agreed that, in the end, more research is needed to determine the causes and effects of concussions and other types of brain injury.

Some of the misunderstanding involved in concussions occurs because people assume the brain can only be injured at a high rate of speed or after a tremendous impact. In reality, brain injuries can result from falls, car accidents or a variety of sports activities, among other events.

When the child injury happens as a result of someone else's negligence, the injured child may have a cause of action available. By bringing a personal injury lawsuit, the child can recover compensation for the injury, which is vital because of the high costs of treating brain injuries, and the impact it can have on one's life. Indeed, a person's ability to work or even live independently may be affected by a brain injury, depending on the severity of the injury involved. Accordingly, individuals should ensure they get the necessary medical and legal help they need in order to address the injury.

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