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Car Accidents 12/22/2021

How to Stay Safe on the Road During the Holidays

5 Tips for Avoiding Accidents and Driving Safely this Winter

The holiday season is upon us, bringing with it winter weather and dangerous driving conditions to the Baltimore area. Tragically, hundreds of people are killed each year in fatal car accidents during the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year holidays. The vast majority of these accidents are preventable caused by driver impairment, inattention, or reckless driving. 

If you are involved in a holiday wreck, you need dedicated legal representation. At Schlachman, Belsky, Weiner & Davey, P.A., we have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients and will fight hard to get you the compensation you deserve after a devastating injury. Contact our office at (410) 685-2022 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

If you have to drive this holiday season, follow these 5 safety tips:

    1. Never Drink and Drive

During the holiday season, you have a greater chance of being involved in a drunk driving accident. Unfortunately, the holidays bring more traffic and more intoxicated drivers to the roads. 

Throughout the year, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that alcohol-impaired driving contributes to over 10,000 deaths on American roadways. By designating a sober driver, you can protect yourself and others. 

If you are involved in an accident with an impaired driver, you are likely entitled to compensation for any injuries or property damage that you sustain. An attorney can help you file a claim for damages against a drunk driver.

    2. Leave Early

The holiday season is notoriously overwhelming. Whether you are trying to make it to a work party or out to buy last-minute gifts, it can seem like you are always in a rush. And it isn’t just you; everyone seems to be in a hurry. Streets are jam-packed with exhausted, stressed drivers.

Give yourself extra time. Leave early to account for more cars on the road. Check the traffic report before heading out the door and make a plan to avoid congested areas if possible. 

    3. Watch the Weather

Adverse winter weather can come on quickly. It is essential to check the weather and road conditions frequently before getting in the car during the holidays.

If you do need to drive during harsh winter weather:

  • Drive slow
  • Do not follow too closely
  • Make sure you have warm clothes in the car
  • Always drive with a fully charged cell phone
  • Do not drive aggressively

Snow, ice, and sleet can make roads extremely slippery. There may also be black ice, high winds, and freezing temperatures during the winter months. Driving cautiously can help ensure that you make it to your location safely and avoid any accidents.

    4. Get Your Car Winterized

Staying safe on the roads during the holiday season starts with being prepared. One way to get your vehicle ready for winter weather is to take it to get serviced. A service technician will check your battery, tire pressure, tire tread, and more to make sure that your car will be safe on the road.

An experienced mechanic may also recommend changing your fluids so that they don’t freeze and replacing the blades for your windshield wipers. All of these things can make a huge difference when there are poor road conditions caused by bad weather.

    5. Avoid Distractions

Finally, the CDC recommends avoiding all distractions. Put away your cell phone or switch it to driving mode so that you are not distracted by texts and emails. Driver inattention is a leading cause of fatal traffic accidents across the country.

Hiring an Experienced Attorney 

If you are involved in a car accident, you need high-quality legal representation to get the compensation you deserve. Contact our office at (410) 685-2022 for a free consultation. We can help you hold any responsible parties liable for their negligence or wrongdoing. Call today to get started.

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