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Truck Accidents 6/18/2015

Knowing When To Settle Your Case And When To Go To Trial

It’s important to know one’s audience. Making a formal presentation at work, for example, is much different than dealing with the people in one’s personal life. Accordingly, it is beneficial to be able to know what works best in each case, as some means of communication are more effective with certain individuals or in certain contexts than others.

A good example of this is the legal system. Within a lawsuit itself, there can be many different audiences at stake, each of which has a different point of view regarding the case.

Last week, this blog discussed the recent crash that claimed the life of a man and seriously injured actor Tracy Morgan. The truck accident involved a Walmart semi, driven by a man who had not slept in more than 24 hours and who was speeding at the time of the crash. Fortunately, Walmart agreed to settle the case and provide compensation to Morgan and the other injured individuals.

While this case was unusual because of the famous person involved, the facts of the crash itself were not out of the ordinary. Truck accidents are relatively common, and are often caused by the negligence of a truck driver. It is vital that the injured parties be able to demonstrate the truck driver’s negligence in a personal injury accident in order to receive compensation for the damages they have suffered.

Many cases do not reach a judge or jury, however, as cases are often settled out of court. Accordingly, it is important that injured individuals know not only how to present their case to a jury, but how to forcefully argue the case to the opposing side. By doing so, individuals can put themselves in a good position to settle the case with a favorable result, while foregoing the need to take the case to trial.

Our firm understands that different strategies may be employed during settlement than those used during trial. No matter what stage the case may be at, we can forcefully advocate for our client’s best interests to get a good result. For more information on our firm’s skills, please visit our page on truck accidents.

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