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Truck Accidents 2/26/2016

Level The Playing Field Against Trucking Companies After A Crash

When things go wrong for Maryland residents, it is important to get to the bottom of the situation and figure out how to make it right. This is especially true when serious incidents occur, such as accidents in which individuals suffer injuries at the hands of another person.

While there are many different aspects of making things right after an accident, one important part is often to bring a personal injury lawsuit against those responsible for the crash. Through the personal injury lawsuit, individuals can obtain relief in the form of monetary compensation, which is often essential in paying off medical bills, recovering lost wages and dealing with the other expenses involved with serious injuries.

As discussed last week in this blog, a crucial part of a truck accident, as well as other accidents, is determining whether the other driver violated any rules of the road. Truck drivers not only must follow the ordinary rules of the road that apply to all drivers, but additional rules and regulations that govern trucking.

Our firm has significant experience in investigating these types of cases and determining what rules of the road may have been violated. Indeed, one of the strengths of our firm is that we have several former police officers in our legal team, who understand the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rules and regulations. Given the resources that trucking companies often use to defend a personal injury lawsuit, it makes sense to level the playing field by having an experienced advocate fighting for the injured person.

Typically, our firm leaves no stone unturned when it comes to investigating the truck driver’s log book, maintenance records and other documentation that can be important in establishing liability in the case. We also look into the driver’s background, such as the training the driver received and any history the driver may have. Accordingly, if you or someone you love has been involved in a truck accident, please do not hesitate to contact our firm to see if we can be of assistance.

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