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Car Accidents 4/02/2014

Maryland Car Accident Leaves One With Life Threatening Injuries

With winter coming to an end, drivers around the nation are looking forward to better driving conditions on the roads. Yet, no matter what the conditions may be at a particular time, individuals can find themselves subjected to danger from a negligent driver.

Recently, for example, a car accident in Maryland left one person with life-threatening injuries. An accident investigation, which is still ongoing, showed the car collision occurred after one of the vehicles took a left turn in front of the other vehicle. As a result, the second vehicle hit the passenger side of the first, with the passenger in that vehicle suffering the life-threatening injuries.

Law enforcement indicated alcohol was a factor in the accident. They also placed the blame for the accident with the driver of the vehicle that took the left turn in front of the second vehicle.

Such a finding is not surprising, as left turn accidents are typically the fault of the person who made the turn in front of the other vehicle. The reasoning is simple: a car traveling straight has the right of way and another vehicle that turns in front of that first vehicle cuts into that right of way.

There are exceptions, of course, as with any situation. For instance, a driver traveling straight at an excessive rate of speed or one that runs a red light would likely be found negligent if he or she hit a vehicle turning in front of him or her.

Ultimately, issues of fault determination often require court proceedings. An individual who is harmed in a car accident may wish to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney to find out what can be done to recover compensation for the victim's damages. The attorney can help examine what happened in the incident and how legal liability and damages may be affected by these circumstances while representing the victim's best interests.

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