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Car Accidents 7/19/2013

Multiple Persons Injured In Car Accident Caused By Road Rage

Most Baltimore residents know the feeling of being cut off in traffic, or having another driver act in a way that makes them angry. On most occasions, individuals are able to control their anger and let the incident pass without overreacting. For others, however, road rage may result, which can lead to serious injury if the person does not operate the vehicle safely as a result.

This recently was the case in an auto accident that was apparently caused by road rage. The 30-year-old man at the heart of the crash was arrested after he failed to stop for a line of stopped cars. After the man swerved into the oncoming lane, he struck another vehicle head-on, leaving the 17-year-old driver of that car with serious injury that sent him to the hospital.

After an accident investigation, authorities concluded the 30-year-old man was driving recklessly as a result of road rage. In doing so, the man was tailgating others, and attempting to distract another driver who was not involved in the crash. The authorities indicated that alcohol and drugs were also involved in the accident.

While road rage may sound trivial, it can lead to severe car accident injuries, as demonstrated by the case above. Those injured may have a personal injury suit against the negligent driver who exhibited road rage.

If there are state statutes or other laws that ban road rage, the driver may be cited for those violations, which can then be used in the personal injury lawsuit. Otherwise, the case will likely revolve around how the person was negligent by driving recklessly and disregarding the safety of others.

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