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Car Accidents 12/03/2012

Two Dead After Maryland Car Accident Possibly Due To Road Rage

Many Baltimore residents have experienced road rage in some way. Most times, these incidents may pass without anything major happening. On occasion, however, road rage may turn into far more than a minor altercation, with devastating consequences.

For instance, a recent auto accident that left two individuals dead may have been caused by road rage. The accident occurred when a car containing the driver and two passengers was hit by a truck on the highway. An officer who arrived on the scene pulled everyone out of the car, only to have it burst into flames moments later.

Apparently, a dispute had earlier developed between the people in the car and a different vehicle shortly before the accident. The car had pulled over on the shoulder of the road along with the other vehicle after a sudden stop. When the car pulled back onto highway, it cut across the highway lanes and was hit by the truck. The other vehicle previously involved in the dispute drove away.

Typically, a person may bring a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent driver. In some cases, however, a person's conduct may rise above mere negligence into recklessness. While reckless conduct is still less than intentional conduct, it means conduct that a person knew or should have known was likely to cause harm.

Like situations involving negligence, a person may recover compensation based on the liability of a reckless driver. State laws also may provide for greater relief or damages when recklessness is involved because of the social dangers involved in a person gambling with another's safety.

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