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Car Accidents 11/13/2013

Woman's Car Strikes Two Officers Investigating A Robbery

When Baltimore residents are on the road, tragedy can strike when individuals least expect it. This was the case recently for a couple of Maryland police officers who were struck by another driver while on the job.

The officers were in the process of investigating an armed robbery at a convenience store when a woman failed to go around their stopped patrol car that had its emergency lights on. When the woman's car struck the rear of the vehicle, one of the officers was injured, while the other was injured after he had to jump down an embankment to avoid being hit by the woman's car.

Both troopers were sent to the hospital with their injuries, as well as with the woman who struck the officers. An accident investigation is currently underway to determine the cause of the car collision.

The above case illustrates how individuals can be injured in an auto accident with little to no warning. In these circumstances, the person may not even realize what hit them, or how the accident occurred.

Fortunately, other evidence can help demonstrate the other driver was negligent, which allows the injured person to obtain compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. There may have been other witnesses to the accident, for example, who can pin down what happened in the moments leading up to the crash.

There may also be details left at the scene of the crash that can provide clues as to what happened, including skid marks and damage assessments that show how the accident played out. Expert witnesses can use this information to reconstruct the accident and determine how it occurred. Ultimately, with the evidence in hand showing the other driver was negligent, the injured party may get back on their feet with an award of damages.

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